AES Letter to Parents 3/15/18

AES Letter to Parents 3/15/18

March 15, 2018


Allen Elementary School strives to have open and timely communication with students, families, and the community.  On Tuesday this week, we had an isolated event involving a few students. The incident was properly handled and all involved students’ parents were notified.  Today, false information was shared via social media indicating a possible threat to students.  At no time was the student body of Allen Elementary threatened in relation to this incident. 


This morning the school did go into a lockdown due to a domestic incident involving parents during parent drop off.  The lock down was only precautionary to keep students away from this area.  Proper authorities were notified and procedures followed to ensure student safety.  Arrests were made in this incident. 


Both of the incidents were handled through implementation of proper board policies and in accordance with law enforcement. 


Student safety is our top priority and will continue to remain our main focus.  Please do not hesitate to contact with questions or concerns. 



Rachel Crider


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